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With Switchooo, you can rent smartphones, smartwatches, and earbuds at monthly rates as you want. Forget the tough decisions between high purchase prices and financial deals that last several years. We give you the freedom to simply rent.

Update easily

Get the latest equipment and stay up to date. Before the old device starts collecting dust, send it back and rent something new.

Stay uncommitted

Enjoy a simple monthly fee and contracts that you can choose to extend anytime you want — without the hassle and commitment to finance.

Get more

New smartphone or smartwatch after all? You don’t have to decide. Switchooo allows you to rent all the devices you’ve dreamed of, for just a fraction of their purchase price.

Items rented from Switchooo are always like new. Before re-hiring, the products undergo detailed quality inspection and multi-step processing so that all products rented from Switchooo arrive flawlessly. If your device is not in the expected condition, our customer service will be happy to assist you.

The first month of rent is paid at checkout.

If you rent for more than one month, all subsequent rental payments are made monthly from the date of the delivery of the product, to account for order processing and shipping times.

For example, if your product is ordered on July 1st and then delivered on July 4th, your first payment is deducted on July 1 at the time of order, and you will receive a Stripe payment link with an invoice from Switchooo for subsequent months on August 4th, September 4th, and so on (if you rent for more than one month). The payment due date is 7 days from receiving the payment link.

Yes, when you rent from us, we conduct a short automatic credit check.

The first monthly rental will be charged immediately upon subscription, but the rental period will not officially begin until you have received your product. The delivery date determines the recurring monthly payment date. If you fall in love and want to keep your product for longer than the minimum rental period, you can extend your rent on your customer account at any time to reduce the monthly fee. After the end of the minimum rental period, you can continue renting each month at the same price or cancel your subscription by writing to

A new customer can only have one active subscription to one product at a time. If you stay loyal to Switchooo, after 6 months of having an active subscription you can make a request for another product subscription.

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When you place a rental order with us, we carry out a short automatic credit check via For this, it is important that you enter your data correctly and avoid typing errors.

Please check that the data you have entered is correct:

  • Full name (as shown on your passport)
  • Henkilötunnus
  • Billing address

This is important because a number of checks are carried out not only to verify the creditworthiness but also the overall accuracy of the data. Should data deviate, this test results in a negative result.

If either the data check or the credit check is negative, we can unfortunately not provide you with a device. For data protection reasons, we usually don’t have the exact reason for rejection.

If you want to end your rental, request to end the rental via one month before the end of the minimum rental period and return it free of charge at the end of the minimum rental period following provided instructions at the End of rental confirmation email.

If the rental period is one month, we will provide instructions on how to return the item in the email “Confirmation Of Delivery” when you receive your product.

Yes. Returning devices is free of charge.

Yes, in order for us to process returned devices, it’s important that you reset all cell phones and smartwatches to factory settings and remove any personal data, including linked accounts, before sending them back. This includes Apple IDs, Google Accounts, PIN codes, user accounts, and any parental controls. 

If we can’t process your device after it’s returned due to it being connected to a user account, we’ll have to charge additional payments to unlock and reset the device.

Before sending back the device, the customer needs to remove all personal data. We will provide a user manual on how to do that.

Yes, please keep the original packaging for the product intact for return shipping, so that the next user can enjoy the product like new. You can also re-use the Switchooo shipping box for the return unless your cat has decided they want to keep it – then you’ll have to find a new shipping box.

In case of a minimum rental period longer than 1 month, if we do not get a message one month before the end of the minimum rental period about the end of the subscription it will be extended automatically.

If the rental period is one month, please contact us one week before the end of the rental period about a rental extension.

You can always rent the device for a longer period to save money.  

Example: You choose 3 months as the minimum rental period, and after a month you realize that you like the device and want to keep it for longer, contact our customer service via e-mail and tell us that you want to rent the device for 6 or 12 months instead of three months.

If you want to buy the product you rent:

The first option is to rent the device for so long that you can buy it for one symbolic euro. The exact monthly amount depends on the product and the minimum rental period you choose.

Another option is to buy your device earlier by paying all the remaining months of rent at once. We subtract the remaining months, and the product is yours.

Please contact to receive the purchase price.

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You have full liability for the products unless otherwise stated, make sure your home insurance protects the rental products in your possession from theft or unexpected breakage. If you damage the product, at worst you are obliged to pay no more than the new purchase price of the product, however, we will only charge repair costs if possible. Switchooo takes responsibility for normal wear and tear such as minor scratches or battery wear. Abnormal traces such as dripping and asphalt scratching due to careless or improper use may result in liability.

Don’t be, we want you to enjoy your device like it’s your own. Minor scratches and normal traces of use are repaired after recovery free of charge.

Report the damage within 14 days. Simply write us an email via with the details of what happened.

Please be aware, that normal signs of use don’t have to be reported.

After your damage claim has been processed, you will receive a return label by email. Depending on the damage, it will be sent back to us or to a repair partner.

When the device has reached its repair destination, our customer support will inform you about the repair cost and you will receive a receipt for these charges in case you have wide home insurance these costs should be covered (for more information contact your home insurance provider).

Your rental is paused as soon as you send your product back to us for repair. Because of this, we don’t order a replacement device during repairs automatically. However, you’re free to order a new product at any time.

No, unfortunately, we can’t offer you exchange during the rental period. After the minimum term has expired, you can send the device back to us free of charge and rent something new within the limits of your order.

We will send you a reminder after the payment due date. If the invoice is not paid in 7 days after the reminder was sent we will lock the mobile phone remotely until the invoice is paid.

Need some answers that are not available on our FAQ page? You can contact us via or call us via phone number 09 2316 3435 between 10:00 and 19:00.

No, we do not have sales points. We only have a pick-up point in our partner store, Aikamerkki, Kasarminkatu 2, Helsinki.

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