Manfli Oy general equipment rental conditions

These terms and conditions apply to every order you make from 27.12.2021. If you have any questions or do not want to accept the terms and conditions, our customer service is always happy to help you by e-mail at

Scope of application

The terms of the agreement apply to the rental of consumer electronics between Manfli Oy, y-tunnus 3238920-9 (hereinafter the provider) and the lessee (hereinafter the customer).


The rental agreement is binding and the customer may not transfer the agreement or sublease the equipment to a third party without the written consent of the provider.

Provider’s right

The provider reserves the right not to rent the equipment without giving a reason.

Object of rental

The leased object is a separately listed device or equipment owned or controlled by the provider. Leased equipment can be used under normal operating conditions appropriate to each piece of equipment and the extent intended for each type of equipment.


The product will be delivered to the shipping address provided by the customer. Only the customer who made the order can pick up your parcel. In all cases, a local ID or valid passport and signature are required for pickup. The provider delivers the equipment to the customer inspected and in working order. Upon receipt of the Equipment for rent, the customer must inspect the equipment. If the customer notices defects in the operation, condition, or equipment of the equipment, the provider must be notified immediately (Within 24h). In the event of a fault, the provider will take immediate action to bring the equipment into working order. 

If the provider, when processing the order, discovers that the product ordered by the customer is not available despite careful examination of the stock and for reasons for which the provider is not responsible, the customer will be informed by e-mail and a contract will not be concluded. Any payments made will be reimbursed immediately. The delivery times stated in connection with the presentation of the offer are approximate.

Order processing time is calculated from the time when a customer receives an email “Confirmation of the rental inquiry”. Order delivery time is calculated from the time when a customer receives an email “Shipping confirmation”.

Retention of property

The supplied goods remain on the property of the provider

   a) in case of a rent permanently

   b) in case of purchase until full payment of the purchase price.

During the rental period, the customer may not transfer the use of the goods to a third party without the prior written consent of the provider, in particular not sell, give away, rent, or lend. The customer is obliged to keep the goods free from third-party rights for the duration of the rental and upon conclusion of a purchase contract until the purchase price has been paid in full.

The customer may not change the goods. The customer may not fix any damages to the goods without the written consent of the provider. 

The provider is entitled to restore the original condition (besides normal wear and tear marks) after the end of the contract at the customer’s expense.


The provider has the right to verify the customer’s identity and credit information before renting. When applying for rental equipment, the customer is obliged to provide his complete contact information, which includes at least the first name, surname, telephone number, email, home & delivery addresses, and a Finnish social security number (henkilötunnus) from which the customer’s identity can be established. At the delivery process, the customer has to identify himself/herself by showing a Finnish ID card.

Payment of rent

The first month’s rent is paid when ordering rental equipment. You can pay in the online store with the following payment method: Stripe.

Stripe is a secure and easy payment method. When you select “Payment by card” on Manfli’s checkout page, Stripe will act as the payment intermediary. Payment is made directly on the e-commerce website and you will not be redirected to another service. When you pay with the credit card payments offered by Stripe, you agree to the Stripe Terms and Conditions, which can be found here.

In case if the rental period is longer than one month, we will send the invoice monthly on the first day of your next rental period (payment due is in 7 days from receiving the invoice), with a Stripe payment link through which you can pay by Credit or Debit cards. We do not accept cash as payment for rent.

If the invoice is not paid on time we will send a reminder. If the invoice is not paid in 7 days after the reminder was sent we will lock the device remotely until the invoice is paid.

The usage fees are to be paid by the customer in advance and independent of the actual time of use of the object and will not be refunded if the customer returns the object to the provider before the end of the contract term. There is no entitlement to partial reimbursement or credit.

All Switchooo’s prices on the website include 24% VAT.


Payments made through Stripe will be refunded in 5-10 business days.

Contract period

(a) In the case of a certain minimum term: The contract is concluded for the term specified at the time of ordering. The parties have the right to terminate the contract with one month’s notice to the end of the contract period without giving reasons. If the parties do not make use of this right of termination, the contract is automatically extended for an indefinite period with the right of termination under the conditions of “pay-as-you-go” described under (b).

(b) In the event of an indefinite contract term, so-called “pay as you go”: The contract is concluded for an indefinite period. Both parties have the right to terminate the contract monthly without giving reasons.

The provider is especially but not exclusively entitled to extraordinary termination, in case of:

– late payment of the usage fee, if the customer has already been reminded before or reminded due to repeated delay of payment;

– sustainable seizures or other compulsory execution measures directed against the customer or judicial or extrajudicial insolvency proceedings opened against the customer;

– the unauthorized transfer of the goods to third parties;

– the considerable risk to the goods due to lack of care or improper and unlawful use;

Termination must be in text form. The customer can cancel the contract by sending an email to, receiving an email confirmation of End of rental, and then returning the goods. The cancellation becomes effective upon receipt by the provider. So please keep the email you have provided for us in order to avoid misunderstandings.  If the provider terminates a rental agreement, the customer is obliged to return the rented items including all accessories to the provider without delay. Payments made in advance will not be refunded, regardless of when the customer returns the device.

Conclusion of the Rental Contract

Order. The customer only submits a binding offer to conclude a contract by clicking on the button “Confirm Order”. With the order of the goods, the customer will receive a non-binding confirmation of the rental inquiry. Upon successful completion of the order, the customer receives an e-mail from the provider accepting the rent of the selected goods, hereafter “Order Confirmation”. The order confirmation will be sent by the provider. Upon receipt of this order confirmation, the rental agreement is concluded.

Order renewal. Customers may renew current orders with effect from the beginning of the next full month of the contract period via email to Customer requests for corresponding goods and desired contract period by email. The request must be sent from the same email that the initial order was made or alternatively, the customer must verify his or her identity by other means.  Upon successful completion of the renewal request, the customer will receive an email from the provider confirming the renewal of the lease, hereinafter referred to as “Order Confirmation”. The order confirmation is sent by Manfli. Upon receipt of this order confirmation, the contract for the renewal of the lease is concluded.

A change to a shorter minimum term is not possible.

Provider’s responsibilities

The provider shall be liable for the equipment up to the maximum amount of the rental amount, and shall not be liable for any damage caused to the customer by a possible breakdown or defect of the equipment.

The provider assumes that the customer controls the normal and proper use of the equipment. The provider will provide the equipment with operating instructions and any safety instructions. The provider is not responsible for the use or suitability of the equipment or any incompatibility with third-party hardware or software. The provider is responsible for ensuring that rented devices and any software are in working order. All returned devices are cleaned and returned to manufacturer settings.

Customer responsibilities

The customer undertakes to use the equipment responsibly and carefully.

In the event of any damage or other impairment of the rented object during the rental period, the customer is obliged to inform the provider immediately in writing of all details of the event which led to the damage of the object. The customer will receive further instructions from the provider on what actions he or she needs to take.

If the breakage is not due to damage or negligent use, the provider will take immediate action to replace or repair the equipment.

Equipment breakages due to damage or negligent use during the rental period will be repaired at the customer’s expense. The natural wear and tear of the equipment is not the responsibility of the customer.

Stolen equipment must be reported immediately. Stolen or lost equipment will be replaced at the customer’s expense, but not more than the value of the same new product. Also, a criminal report must be made.

The equipment is not normally insured by the provider. In some cases, Wide home insurance or travel insurance might insure damaged or lost rented equipment, for more information contact your home insurance provider. The equipment is the sole responsibility of the customer for the entire rental period and transportation time of returning equipment. We recommend that our customers obtain home insurance and travel insurance, and familiarize themselves with the insurance terms of each insurance company. 

Before returning, the customer needs to reset and clean the phone by provided instructions.

The customer assures that all data provided by him during registration of order (e.g. name, address, e-mail address, bank details, Social security number) are correct and that he has not used any data from third parties. 

A customer order can contain a maximum of one unit of one product at a time.

The new customer can only have one active subscription at a time. 

After 6 months of having an active subscription with payments made on time customer can make a request for another product subscription.

The order limit is calculated by an algorithm, as part of an internal credit check based on the information in your registry. If you remain loyal to Manfli, your order limit will increase in the future and you will be able to rent more equipment from us at the same time.

Purchase of the rental object

Where offered by Manfli, the customer may have, upon conclusion of the Rental Agreement, the right granted by Manfli to purchase the goods through the website at a later date, hereinafter referred to as “Purchase Option”.

The customer has the right to send a request by sending an email at

a. Purchase price: the purchase price results from the presentation of the offer in the email received from the provider “Purchase offer”. The price is understood as the gross price including the statutory value-added tax valid at the time of the order. The shipping costs are calculated separately. If the customer makes use of the purchase option, the rent paid by the customer until the exercise of the purchase option leads to a partial deduction of the purchase price, as stated in the offer presentation.

b. Conclusion of the purchase contract: The customer makes a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract for the goods only by replying to the email “Purchase offer” where he or she confirms the willingness to purchase the device.  

Then the customer receives an e-mail from the provider with the details of the customer’s order and invoice, confirming the purchase of the selected goods (hereafter “confirmation of purchase”). Upon receipt of this purchase confirmation, the purchase contract is concluded between customer and provider.

c. Terms of payment and delivery: The customer is obliged to pay in advance, whereby only the payment methods mentioned in section “Payment of rent” are available to him. Payment is due immediately after the conclusion of the purchase contract.

Equipment recovery

The rental contract ends upon expiry of the agreed contract term or by termination at the time specified in the termination notice. The customer is obliged to return the goods including accessories to the address given by the provider. The customer has to return the item properly packed and in the condition in which he took it over, in particular password protection, linking the device to a personal account or any other block that excludes or impairs the use of the goods by third parties shall be removed. Devices should be reset before returning. 

If the customer continues to use the object after the expiry of the rental period agreed in this respect, the rental relationship shall be deemed extended for a further month, unless the provider objects. If the customer returns the item undamaged and complete and the provider determines the same condition category as at the time of shipment to the customer, the customer can receive benefits in the form of discounts and other credits. However, there is no claim to receive such benefits.

​​If the customer sends the goods back to the provider without the accessories made available by the provider together with the goods or the goods are incomplete, the customer is obliged to return the missing accessories or missing components within one week at the request of the provider. If the customer does not return the missing accessories or missing components within one week despite the supplier’s request, the provider is free to request the residual value of the missing accessories or missing components, which is calculated based on the current market value. 

If the customer returns the goods with password protection, linked to a personal account, or with another lock that excludes or impairs the use of the goods by third parties, the provider will send the goods back to the customer at the customer’s expense for unlocking. In this case, the customer is obliged to return the goods to the provider unlocked at his own expense within one week of receipt of the goods. If the customer does not send the goods back to the provider unlocked within one week and is responsible for this, the provider is free to request the residual value of the goods from the customer, which is calculated based on the current market value of the rented goods. 

Returns are free of charge only within Finland. If the customer sends the product from outside of Finland, the shipment is entirely the responsibility of the renter. 


All complaints will only be processed in writing. A free-form complaint can be submitted by e-mail to

Breach of contract or bankruptcy of the customer

If the customer breaches the contract or is declared bankrupt or insolvent, the provider has the right to terminate the lease and receive the equipment from the customer immediately. Upon termination of the contract, the provider is not liable for damages.


The Parties have the right to terminate the contract with a notice period of four weeks toward the end of each contract month, with a severe reason statement and proof of the reasons, but at the earliest, if a minimum term is agreed, toward the end of the agreed minimum term of the contract.

Possible disagreements

Disputes are resolved in the lower court of the provider’s domicile. If the customer is an individual, these terms and conditions do not reduce the customer’s rights under the Consumer Protection Act.

Use of the Website

The provider expressly points out that the use of web services entails risks. This applies in particular to risks caused by the sending of malware, spamming (unsolicited sending of advertising emails), theft of passwords, electronic intrusion, as well as manipulation, hacking and other forms of unauthorized disclosure of user data, harassment, and forgery. The provider will make reasonable efforts to minimize these risks. This shall not constitute a purchase obligation. The use of the website is at the customer’s own risk. Maintenance, retrofits or upgrades, errors or bugs, and other causes or circumstances can lead to interruptions or errors in the operation of the platform. The provider will immediately remedy technical malfunctions within the scope of technical possibilities.


The provider is entitled to make amendments to the Terms of Use at any time unless material provisions of the contractual relationship (especially type and scope, term, termination) are affected. The customer will be notified of the conditions amended in text form at least six weeks before they take effect. The amendments shall be deemed to have been accepted if the customer does not object to them within six weeks of receipt of the notification.  If the right of objection is exercised, the amendments shall not become part of the contract and the contract shall be resumed unchanged.

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